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Tired of loosing business data?

No worries get CloudEdge Business Software today.
Start data backup and recovery in a single button click
Simply said synchronize data today.

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Effortlessly manage your bussiness
on a scallable cloud platform

CloudEdge Business Software, you cant go wrong.

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Business Comfort Matters.

CloudEdge Business Software keeps you connected to your business data everywhere you go. Dont loose sleep about what is happening in your business, get connected to cloudEdge where business comfort matters.

Point of Sale | Gas Station Manager | Hotel Manager


Mobile Access

Always away from your business location. CloudEdge enables you to access your business activities on your smart phone, anytime - anywhere.


Data Backup

Tired of business data loss because of computer viruses and maybe stolen computers.With CloudEdge Cloud data synchronization, you cant go wrong in data recovery.



CloudEdge has in-built email engine that enables you to send invoices, account statements and tax invoices to customers in seconds.

CloudEdge Business Software Product Line

From here you can easily choose a product that works best for your business.

CloudEdge Point of Sale

Suitable for Supermarkets, convenience stores, Retail shops and other product driven businesses. Keep track of your Inventory and transactions efficiently.

CloudEdge Workstation

Suitable for petrol stations of all sizes and multiple locations. all managed on one platform. Keep track of your fuel sales efficiently.

CloudEdge Reservation

Suitable for hotels of all sizes and exisiting in multiple locations. Keep track of your hotel bookings and transactions efficiently